About Naomi’s Program of Excellence


Naomi’s Program of Excellence (NPE) is an educational, cultural and social enrichment program that enriches the lives of young people living in Rockland County.  NPE brings together parents and children to reinforce the belief that academic achievement is essential and that education begins at home. Parental involvement is the foundation of the program, and we believe that the parents and the community are the primary teachers. 

 At NPE, we believe that all children are naturally talented and should be constantly encouraged to achieve great things.  Our goal is to provide an enriching environment that nurtures and develops these talents so that our children succeed academically and are successful in the professional fields that they chose. NPE aims to create in our children the genuine desire and appreciation for continuous learning, cultural stimulation and community service involvement.

NPE is organized as a charitable 501(c)3 organization.


Upcoming Events   


1) NPE Children to Perform in Nyack Center Black History Celebration (2/4/17) 

The children of NPE will perform an original play as part of the Nyack Center's Black History Celebration on Saturday, February 4th at 7pm.  The play will take place at the Nyack Center which is located at 58 Depew Ave., Nyack, NY 10960.  To check out prior plays by the NPE children click here.


2) Chess and the Brain (2/11/17)  

NPE has partnered with the New Rochelle - White Plains Kappa League to offer a Conference and Chess Exhibition featuring the 1st African-American Chess Master, Maurice Ashley.  The event will be held February 11, 2017 from 9am -3pm in Rockland Community College Student Union Building Rm. 3214.  Registration is required and there is a fee of $10 which includes lunch.  To register click the link in the attached flyer below:

Chess and the Brain Flyer


3) 2017 SAT and ACT Prep Classes (2/26/17-4/30/17)

NPE will host it's discounted 2017 SAT and ACT Prep Classes for the community from February 26, 2017 to April 30, 2017.  For more details, please check out the flyer below:

NPE 2017 SAT and ACT Prep Class Flyer

To sign up for the class please use the following form:  

NPE 2017 SAT and ACT Prep Class Form 


Use the following Shopping Cart button to pay for the SAT and ACT Prep Class online:  

4) NPE 2017 Student Scholarship (Now -2/28/17)

Each year NPE offers scholarships to eligible high school seniors.  This year applications are due February 28, 2017.  For further details, please see the attached application below:

NPE 2017 Student Scholarship Application


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