About Naomi’s Program of Excellence


Naomi’s Program of Excellence (NPE) is an educational, cultural and social enrichment program that enriches the lives of young people living in Rockland County.  NPE brings together parents and children to reinforce the belief that academic achievement is essential and that education begins at home. Parental involvement is the foundation of the program, and we believe that the parents and the community are the primary teachers. 

 At NPE, we believe that all children are naturally talented and should be constantly encouraged to achieve great things.  Our goal is to provide an enriching environment that nurtures and develops these talents so that our children succeed academically and are successful in the professional fields that they chose. NPE aims to create in our children the genuine desire and appreciation for continuous learning, cultural stimulation and community service involvement.

NPE is organized as a charitable 501(c)3 organization.



2018 NPE ACT/SAT Prep Class
NPE will host it's discounted 2018 SAT and ACT Prep Classes for the community from February 25, 2018 to April 29, 2018.  For more details, please check out the flyer above.  Click here to register a child and click the Add to Cart payment button below to purchase online.  Please note a PayPal fee of $3.71 is automatically added to online purchases.

The NPE class is intended to prepare the student to take the actual ACT or SAT test.  To register a child for the April 14th or June 9th ACT exam click here.  To register a child for the May 5th or June 2nd SAT exam click here.

2018 NPE Scholarship Application
NPE is currently accepting applications for its 2018 scholarships for graduating students.  Please see details and application instructions by clicking on the link to the Scholarship Application below.

NPE 2018 Student Scholarship Application

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