The Mack Project - Journal News Black History Month Essays


Various members of the NPE High School Youth Council were chosen to write essays for The Mack Project Journal News Black History Month Essay series.  The topics and essayists were selected by the Mack Project, a Rockland-based nonprofit that offers academic, cultural and volunteer opportunities for young adults and teenagers of color. The organization recruits essayists based on recommendations from parents, school guidance counselors and community members. 
The Council members who participated and their topics are as follows:
Imani Solan            Domestic Labor Strikes in the South
Marcus Charles      The History of Black Dance
Alanna Fabio          African-American Doctors, Patients Were Denied Hospital Access
Ta'Tiana Jenkins     Elite Groups Help Us Reach Potential
Darian Garner         The Magnificant 44th
Kyle Blair               Freedom's Journal Helped Blacks Achieve
Nia Oscar               Lorraine Hansberry Was A Female Trailblazer on Broadway

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